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Quieting Noisy Garage Door Openers

   More and more homeowners are creating living space above their garage.  Reduce the noise and vibration of your garage door opener by removing approximately two-inches of the angle-iron mounting hardware holding your opener and replacing it with thick rubber or neoprene. The rubber acts as a vibration dampener, and physically separates the automatic garage door opener from the ceiling. The physical separation reduces the sound and vibrations that reach the ceiling, resulting in less noise in your living spaces.  You can also obtain a reduction in vibration or sound transmission by: (a) installing a vibration-dampening or rubber pad between the angle-iron and the ceiling; (b) using rubber washers; and (c) replacing the steel rollers with nylon. Whatever material or approach you use, the key is to provide a separation between the garage door opener and the structure above that dampens sound and vibration transmission.

  If your local supplier or home center does not stock thick rubber, try an automotive supplier or warehouse. The mud-flaps sold in automotive stores should work fine. Always check your local building codes and with your local building inspector before starting any project.


Last Updated: 06/21/2012







     Hot Tip
  Do not grease or oil the runners on your garage door. Instead, lubricate the pins or ball bearings on the roller assemblies.

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