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Beating The Insulation Itch

   Installing fiberglass insulation is a homeowner friendly project, but the glass fibers in the insulation can cause terrible itching. Experienced contractors know how to avoid the insulation itch. Before working with insulation, liberally spread talcum powder over your body, particularly the exposed areas. Wear clothing that covers as much of your body as possible - long sleeve shirt, pants instead of shorts, hat, gloves and a mask or respirator.

  After installing the insulation, carefully remove your clothing and run it through the washer immediately. Use COLD water on the wash cycle. Take a COLD shower and rinse yourself thoroughly before using soap. Then, lather up - still COLD. Now, relax and have a hot shower. Follow these tips and your insulation itch days will be over.



  When working with insulation, always wear gloves, long sleeve shirt and pants, a hat, and use a mask or respirator.

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